Monday, December 29, 2008


Two football stories....

First, Isaac's new word is "football". However, he refuses to say it when we want him to and makes us look like we are making it up! He can say it though... and it comes out like "put-ball", with his mouth in an "O"! Upon arriving home Sunday night, he proceeded to say it over and over.... isn't that how it always is with kids?!?!

Second, on Sunday afternoon on our trip home we decided to swing by the Gator Sports Shop at "The Swamp". Well, the road right in front of the stadium was closed, but when we were turning we saw a few of the football players standing in front of the stadium. David was in the car in front of us (too much stuff for one car on the trip home), so he missed it! But, before I could even spot them, Layla screamed like a girl... "TEEEEEEEEEEBOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!" She was trying to get out of her seat belt while declaring that she MUST have her picture with Tim Tebow. Not just Tebow, but TIM TEBOW! LOL I made her stay buckled up until we could stop beside David, which as soon as we did she jumped out of the car begging him to take her to get her picture with him. Unfortunately, her Daddy wouldn't take her to try to see him, or any other player for that matter! I'm not sure it was even Tebow, however I think it was, but you all know my eyes are not the best! Anyways.... the Sports Shop was closed, so she didn't even get a "I LOVE TIM" T-shirt!

I guess David is raising her right............ Gators and football!

Unfortunately, no pictures to go with this blog to Layla's dismay!

We play...

Wii play!

David and Layla are really enjoying the new Wii that Layla got for Christmas.... and Guitar Hero that we got David. Isaac even gets in on the action with his smooth dance moves and using the TV remote as a Wii controller!

Here are some snapshots from tonight!

Best Toy of 2008

Comes from the produce section.... preferably Publix!

Thanks to our cousin Alan for bringing us clementines for Christmas! Isaac has played with them more than anything else, his Tonka trucks are still in the box.

Sometimes the best toys are not actually toys!

Santa Claus came to town...

Santa Claus definitely made an appearance in the Tucker household, or actually at Granny's house this year! We spent our Christmas in Florida, with the hot weather.... with only dreams of chilly nights and frosty weather.

Layla left cookies and milk for Santa, which he must have enjoyed considering the crumby mess he left on the hearth. He filled the stockings and left surprises for the children, much to their delight. Layla woke up "dark" and early around 6:30am and roused us all out of bed for the morning events. Isaac is still a little young to enjoy Santa and the ripping of paper without getting in time-out!

After opening the mounds of presents under the tree, we made breakfast to take to Me'em's house (David's mom). We enjoyed the morning with the kids, and of course more presents. Layla was extremely excited, more than words can emphasize, to find that Me'em had gotten her a Wii.

On side note, Layla went shopping with me before Christmas to get David guitar hero for the Wii. Well, she didn't know that she was getting a Wii. But, I didn't think about that when I took her with me shopping. We proceeded to grab the item off the shelf and go to the checkout. The guy started ringing up our purchase and Layla screams, "Wait!!!!!! You are getting the wrong one!" If you know Layla, you know how dramatic she is. So, I looked at her with a concerned face, probably more concerned about her screaming in the store than what she had figured out. And she proceeds to dramatically point at the box and say "We don't have a WWWiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" At this point the poor checkout guy is looking at me like I have "STUPID" written across my forehead. So I say, like I'm cool and have had the answer in my head all along.... "Layla, I know we do not have a Wii, it is for Daddy to play at Me'em's house." She accepts this answer.... thank goodness.... and the checkout guy just smiles.

And now back to Christmas... it was hot and sunny, very much not like Christmas.... people donned flip flops and shorts.... which I know is common considering I grew up in Florida, but it just seems like it isn't Christmas. So, I ate extra gingerbread men and turkey to make up for it!

We all enjoyed ourselves, ate too much, laughed too hard, slept too long, and had too much fun!

Hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas too!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas...

Our family would like to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!