Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Learnings" from Layla

Layla has decided that it is her job to teach Isaac new things... and I heard her tell him he needed new "learnings"! So, on Sunday she decided he needed to learn to color. I think he is doing quite well, considering Mommy checked the box to make sure they were non-toxic. Picture below shows just how intent he is on his "studies". He actually looked like his Uncle Jody for a minute with that tongue sticking out like that while he was concentrating.

Her first lesson was with the white crayon. Well, that didn't fly for very long because Sissy's crayon showed up on the paper and his did not! He finally grew bored and decided to go find some more shoes to crawl around with. (Yes, he is still doing this, it is getting to where we just accept the fact that we will be buying him shoes for his feet and hands eventually!)
Layla is such a great little teacher though! Very patient, except that they were her new crayons and she was worried that he would break them... Isaac is very lucky to have such a loving big sister as Layla!

Ball, Bubbles and Buns...

Softball is in full swing. Friday and Saturday Tattnall County hosted a tournament (David's school) and the weather turned out great. Saturday morning we got up early and headed to the rec department, the sky was overcast and cool. Layla, Isaac and I worked at the gate while David coached. Unfortunately, the girls just couldn't find their groove, and they lost the first game. Thus, setting them up for a game against SE Bulloch. Let's just say that game went down the same way as the other. On a good note, they did win their first game against Claxton! With two hurt players, I worry about the season which has just opened. David's goal is for at least one more win than last year...

Layla loves to go to the games when they are at the rec fields because they have playgrounds. She enjoyed swinging and sliding all day while we watched the games. Isaac has decided that he is too big for the stroller and he needs to "walk" everywhere. However, he still can't balance just right on those tiny feet and needs to hold your finger. As much as it was a nice day, it wasn't that nice of a day to be bent over walking around with an 11 month old, usually in circles, once the sun came out. It was hot, and the kids and I called it a day after Tattnall's last game.

I can honestly say that I never believed that I would be "into" softball. Anyone who knows me knows that I am clumsy and extremely un-athletic! Yes, I've fractured my leg while bowling... does that explain it? But, I find myself clapping and cheering and getting upset over loses and excited over wins! I admit it... when I was working the gate and the first team that Tattnall was up against came through, they were talking "smack" about how bad they were (granted, last year was their first winning season... ever!). So, what do I do? Text David instantly to tell his girls to get their game on!!

On the other hand, Isaac should be voted best sportsman! He claps for everyone. He proudly claps his tiny hands together, showing off his newly learned skill, whenever anyone claps or cheers at the game. And, unfortunately, the game we were watching, there was not much clapping for our girls... but Isaac clapped for every hit or out!

I have decided that I need to try to take things a little slower in the evening, enjoying time with the kids as much as possible before bedtime. We have a routine, but sometimes just get rushed. So last night, I decided that Isaac could take a bath by himself instead of trying to save time and bathe them both together. Well, it didn't end up happening until after Layla went to bed. But, I stuck my little spaghetti faced boy in the tub and decided to slow down. I poured a capful of bubble bath in there upon realizing that he had never taken a bubble bath. Oh my! What a delight! It was worth it, even though I got to bed late and everything didn't get completed... He thought it was super cool that he had bubbles and was a clown in the tub. He would lift his arms up in the air, then slowly bring them down into the bubbles, then clap them together... laughing the entire time. The funniest part was that he would stand up in the tub - holding onto my hands - and try to get the bubbles off of his feet... Too cute! Anyways, here are a few pictures from the event. Layla was not happy this morning that she missed out on it, so I guess it is her turn tonight!

Okay, so now my title makes sense, right?!? Ball - softball season has started, Bubbles - Isaac's first bubble bath... and buns? I'm sure you've guessed! I couldn't help myself, they were so cute! (By the way, look how much his hair is growing in on the back... I'm so impressed! I thought we would have a hairy bodied, balding baby forever!)

Monday, August 11, 2008

Growing up...

My babies are taking steps into this world, molding themselves into little people with personalities, wishes and dreams. As much as we want to shelter them from the troubled times, the heartbreak, the skinned knees... we watch, clap and enjoy the accomplishments and achievements.

Layla learned to ride her bike without training wheels this weekend. David took them off for her since she got a new bike for her birthday without training wheels. She wanted to learn on the smaller one! She just started riding. It wasn't some big deal like I thought it would be, it wasn't a day of tears, bruises, scrapes and then finally a goal reached. No, she just rode off on her bike, peddling around the yard like she knew what she was doing. The knee pads that she got for her birthday, still in the package inside. It was great! The only slight problem she seems to have is stopping... okay, so not slight! I'm waiting for the back of my car to have a bicycle dent and scratch. We are working on it!!!

On Thursday night we were riding in the car to Swainsboro to drop off Isaac with my sister and have dinner. (Yes, Isaac spent his first night away from his Mommy without any tears on his part, not mentioning the tears on Mommy's part now!) We were talking about something, David and I, and he let a "bad" word slip out. He glanced at me, waiting for Layla to say something. She did, of course. "Daddy, that was a bad word." He apologized, I scolded him with my eyes for her benefit. She smiled. And then, she politely says, as if she is the queen, "Dad, you are supposed to be a PROPER man!" It was very hard to control the laughter. Needless to say, David is working on becoming the "proper" man he should be... she hasn't started on me... yet!

Isaac is still not walking. He hesitates to take that step, knowing he could do it. He holds onto the couch, looking down at his feet, sticking one out, putting it back down, sticking the other one out, back down again... and then he looks up with the cutest grin... I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't running around the room when we aren't looking. I know he will walk soon, and as much as I am not ready for my baby to walk, I know I will be proud of his accomplishment.


Sunday, August 10, 2008


Laughter, such a joyous sound in our world.

Isaac thinks that his Mommy is hilarious, and we were able to catch it on video. Check it out below!

Every time I watch this video, I end up smiling and laughing. Hope this puts a smile on your face too!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tucker Happenings...

Just a few things going on in the Tucker household...
  • Last night I was giving Layla a bath and we started playing "I spy". After a few rounds, she spyed something brown. I guessed a few times (of course trying not to guess the right thing right away), but I could seem to get it right. I finally admitted defeat! And her reply, "Mother, VISUALIZE!!!!" I looked at her and she said "A band-aid." I then asked her what "visualize" meant and she replied "when you picture something in your head, Mother." (And I thought she wasn't going to know what it meant!) My little girl's growing up...

  • Isaac is still trying to walk... however now I think he is reverting to crawling again! See the picture below so you can "visualize"!! (And I will say that he can match because he picked out a matching pair in my unorganized closet! Even Layla was impressed at that!) This has become a habit, so you cannot leave your shoes unattended. He thinks he must have shoes to crawl around everywhere, so in my concern of germs, I've given him a brand new pair of Layla's flip flops for his hands! (Picture coming soon! And if you are wondering, yes, he puts on the flip flops just like you would on your feet!)

  • David is in full swing coaching softball and teaching.... so we are all quite busy. Games start next week, so I will post some new pics then. Isaac loves to watch the games, so I'm excited that I will be able to go (only if it isn't too hot for him). And of course, he WILL be a left-handed catcher per his Daddy, so any game watching is good for his future! Layla prefers to play with the other kids than watch the game, but it keeps her busy. (I guess I should be thankful that Isaac isn't walking yet, or I would be chasing him everywhere!)

Well, I guess that is all the "news" in the Tucker household so far this week! Hope everyone is having a good week and staying cool. It is HOT in South Georgia!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The little moments...

The other night we visited our local Dairy Queen with David's Mom and Judy. It was a nice treat, and I can honestly say that we've lived in Reidsville going on two years and had never stepped foot inside (I didn't say that I hadn't driven through the drive-thru)! I grabbed my camera as we went in to get a treat. I wasn't really wanting anything, but I ordered a small vanilla cone so that I could "share" with Isaac. His first ice cream cone!

David brought it to our table and Isaac eyed it with curiosity. Well, when anyone puts something in their mouth, he thinks that he should have something in his mouth! So, I shared. He took a small lick, not sure of what he was about the encounter. And, then, deciding that it must be delicious, he proceeded to open his mouth as wide as possible and really get some ice cream! (Mommy doesn't usually let him eat anything like this... or too sweet for that matter...) I kept having to "fix" it after he took a "lick", which was really a bite! He was very antsy and didn't want to share. At one point, he even dove across the table for some more! David and I took some great pictures... and it was one of those little moments that mean so little at the time, but when looking back is a treasured memory!

Enjoy! (Isaac sure did!)

PS) Layla's first day of school went great! She loves her new teacher, her new friends, and everything about it! She was really excited yesterday because she is learning to jump rope! (Last year it was the hula hoop...)

PPS) Isaac took one small step last night on two occasions... I'm sure he will be running around the house soon! I'll keep you updated!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Layla Grace goes to First Grade

That just sounds so grown! So, yesterday was meet the teacher day. David met us there (actually beat us there), and we met the teacher and visited her kindergarten teacher. She seemed okay, quite shy though. She found her name on the table, her pencil cup, her cubby, her classroom..... she met the new coach (which seemed so important!), she met her para-pro, and her teacher... When we left she seemed great! Then over dinner, she demanded that I read her the entire contents of the folder that her teacher had given us. Granted, I started reading the notes about what to expect, behavior policies, transportation notes... and then we got to the actual "School Policy". I told her that it was just stuff for all the schools, and she didn't need to know all that. She looked at me like I had just lost it and said, "Mother, I'm in first grade, I need to know EVERYTHING!" I finally convinced her, after reading a boring paragraph about absences that indeed she already knew everything, and what she didn't know Mommy would take care of! (Luckily, I did not relish the idea of reading a 50 page manual to a 6-year old... or even reading a 50 page manual myself..... needless to say, I skimmed! But, don't tell Layla!)

This morning she awoke early to kiss David goodbye. He had more stuff to do to get ready for his 6 periods of hoodlums that "know" everything, have better things to do with their time than listen to a social studies teacher, and enjoy making trouble for the teacher! So, Isaac and I woke her up again.... singing and laughing and trying to make her happy! (Mornings are not her favorite time!) After the third time of Isaac leaning up super close to her face, a huge grin on his face because Sissy is home, and laughing loudly... she finally decided to get up and get dressed. Last night, we couldn't decide what to wear, so she left her clothes out for Daddy to choose! She got dressed, pretty uneventful.... but then it was time for breakfast. I went into the kitchen, getting a new box of cereal that I thought she would LOVE, and she says "Mother, I think I lost my appetite!" And then she proceeded to throw herself onto me in a giant hug... my baby girl was nervous!!! We talked about everything again... going over where the class was, that she was to buy her lunch, there was a note in her backpack about riding home on the bus to Daddy's class, and where her desk was.... She finally squeeked out "I think I just need to call my Daddy!" So, we called Daddy and he gave her a pep talk!

Then it was time for drop-off. After passing kindergarten, the school encourages you to let the children walk in on their own and be "big" kids. Well, Layla wanted me to walk her... but I talked her out of it... We went through the circle, she leaned over and kissed Isaac's hand... and hopped out of the car!

Okay, so I cried! I cried all the way to work (a 30-minute drive mind you)! My baby is grown... she is a big girl now... she is a first grader!

I will update on all the news of the first day of school later... since this was just the morning!

Here is a picture of the school girl... ready to go... with brother hanging on her!

Isaac's pictures...

I entered some of Isaac's pictures on the American Baby Cover Photo Contest. (Granted, we will never win - but I had to try! And to me, he would be the cutest cover baby ever!) It was called firsts... so I tried to come up with a few pictures of his "firsts"! There is the belly button picture (featured below), the mad face picture (featured below), his first time in a swing at the park, his first "bite" of watermelon, his first time with his feet on the beach, and his first time "tasting" sand! Here is the link to it... you go there, and on the top you can rate it from 1-5 starts and "Recommend" it! Take a look! Enjoy!