Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The little moments...

The other night we visited our local Dairy Queen with David's Mom and Judy. It was a nice treat, and I can honestly say that we've lived in Reidsville going on two years and had never stepped foot inside (I didn't say that I hadn't driven through the drive-thru)! I grabbed my camera as we went in to get a treat. I wasn't really wanting anything, but I ordered a small vanilla cone so that I could "share" with Isaac. His first ice cream cone!

David brought it to our table and Isaac eyed it with curiosity. Well, when anyone puts something in their mouth, he thinks that he should have something in his mouth! So, I shared. He took a small lick, not sure of what he was about the encounter. And, then, deciding that it must be delicious, he proceeded to open his mouth as wide as possible and really get some ice cream! (Mommy doesn't usually let him eat anything like this... or too sweet for that matter...) I kept having to "fix" it after he took a "lick", which was really a bite! He was very antsy and didn't want to share. At one point, he even dove across the table for some more! David and I took some great pictures... and it was one of those little moments that mean so little at the time, but when looking back is a treasured memory!

Enjoy! (Isaac sure did!)

PS) Layla's first day of school went great! She loves her new teacher, her new friends, and everything about it! She was really excited yesterday because she is learning to jump rope! (Last year it was the hula hoop...)

PPS) Isaac took one small step last night on two occasions... I'm sure he will be running around the house soon! I'll keep you updated!

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