Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"Learnings" from Layla

Layla has decided that it is her job to teach Isaac new things... and I heard her tell him he needed new "learnings"! So, on Sunday she decided he needed to learn to color. I think he is doing quite well, considering Mommy checked the box to make sure they were non-toxic. Picture below shows just how intent he is on his "studies". He actually looked like his Uncle Jody for a minute with that tongue sticking out like that while he was concentrating.

Her first lesson was with the white crayon. Well, that didn't fly for very long because Sissy's crayon showed up on the paper and his did not! He finally grew bored and decided to go find some more shoes to crawl around with. (Yes, he is still doing this, it is getting to where we just accept the fact that we will be buying him shoes for his feet and hands eventually!)
Layla is such a great little teacher though! Very patient, except that they were her new crayons and she was worried that he would break them... Isaac is very lucky to have such a loving big sister as Layla!

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