Monday, August 11, 2008

Growing up...

My babies are taking steps into this world, molding themselves into little people with personalities, wishes and dreams. As much as we want to shelter them from the troubled times, the heartbreak, the skinned knees... we watch, clap and enjoy the accomplishments and achievements.

Layla learned to ride her bike without training wheels this weekend. David took them off for her since she got a new bike for her birthday without training wheels. She wanted to learn on the smaller one! She just started riding. It wasn't some big deal like I thought it would be, it wasn't a day of tears, bruises, scrapes and then finally a goal reached. No, she just rode off on her bike, peddling around the yard like she knew what she was doing. The knee pads that she got for her birthday, still in the package inside. It was great! The only slight problem she seems to have is stopping... okay, so not slight! I'm waiting for the back of my car to have a bicycle dent and scratch. We are working on it!!!

On Thursday night we were riding in the car to Swainsboro to drop off Isaac with my sister and have dinner. (Yes, Isaac spent his first night away from his Mommy without any tears on his part, not mentioning the tears on Mommy's part now!) We were talking about something, David and I, and he let a "bad" word slip out. He glanced at me, waiting for Layla to say something. She did, of course. "Daddy, that was a bad word." He apologized, I scolded him with my eyes for her benefit. She smiled. And then, she politely says, as if she is the queen, "Dad, you are supposed to be a PROPER man!" It was very hard to control the laughter. Needless to say, David is working on becoming the "proper" man he should be... she hasn't started on me... yet!

Isaac is still not walking. He hesitates to take that step, knowing he could do it. He holds onto the couch, looking down at his feet, sticking one out, putting it back down, sticking the other one out, back down again... and then he looks up with the cutest grin... I wouldn't be surprised if he isn't running around the room when we aren't looking. I know he will walk soon, and as much as I am not ready for my baby to walk, I know I will be proud of his accomplishment.


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