Monday, August 3, 2009

2nd grade... here we come!

Today was the first day of 2nd grade for Miss Layla. It's amazing how much she has grown. She got up extra early in order to wash and blow dry her hair so that it would be curly for her big day. She wore her cute little denim skirt (with shorts underneath!) and adorable top. She was cute, and we were even a little early, at least enough to snap a few pictures! (That was until I realized that Isaac had snagged my keys and they were no where to be found!)

I dropped her off in the circle drive, and she didn't even think twice. She hopped out of the car with her gigantic backpack, full of school supplies, and her purse lunchbox. Yes, she had to have the newest lunchbox that resembles a purse with pink and brown polka dots.

And, school supplies? Her list was endless, and each time we went to a store, she tried to pry another item out of one of us. It wasn't like we hadn't already checked the list and crossed it off! I checked her backpack last night because it looked awful heavy. Let me tell you, she had 4 extra boxes of crayons, an extra box of markers, 2 extra packs of colored pencils, an extra pair of scissors, an extra pack of highlighters, an extra pack of paper, an extra folder, 3 extra packs of pencils, 6 extra glue sticks, 6 extra erasers, and countless other items! I could not believe it! We could have supplied an additional 3 kids with school supplies!!!!

Then, David called me at work this afternoon. He was in a little panic because Layla had not made it to the high school, and it was 4:30pm. Well, Layla typically rides the bus to the high school and goes to David's classroom, normally arriving around 4:00pm. So, I told him to just call the bus barn and check it out. Turns out, a little Pre-K girl did not get off at her stop, and did not know where she lived, and they had a new bus driver to top it off! Needless to say, there were lots of tears involved. But, Layla finally arrived at 4:45pm!!!!

So, second grade started out great! And yes, she had homework on the first day!!!! Could be because she started Galaxy though (gifted program) and missed half of class today. Hmmm... we have to get back in the swing of this homework thing!!!!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Friday, July 17, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Summer is almost over and it feels like our family has been in "fast-forward" mode all summer, or at least I feel that way!

We started the summer with sending David off to Denver, Colorado. He graded thousands of World History AP exams for the College Board, spent the week in a dorm room, had "minty fresh" socks (airlines are rough on luggage) and rode a bike through a hail storm. At the end of the week, the kids and I flew to Denver to meet him and start our vacation.

Let me tell you, my vacation definitely didn't start until my feet landed in Denver AND we found David in the airport. Flying with two children, especially a one-year old, was not my idea of fun. Try carrying your carry-on luggage, diaper bag, car seat and other various items through the airport while your 6-year old daughter pushes your son in the stroller. It was nerve-wracking! And, my worst fears came true when the woman in front of us asked for a new seat instead of something to drink when the flight attendant came around. Isaac had a little trouble keeping his feet down, when it was much more fun to twist his toes around the clasp that held the lap tray in place. Quite frankly, my thought process was that I either continued to let him entertain himself with the clasp and keep quiet, or I stopped him which would cause screaming fit on the closed-in airplane with no exit? Yep, I chose one woman's discomfort over the rest of the passenger's ear drums!

First, let me say that Denver is beautiful, and the drive to Utah is breathtaking. By the time we reached our destination, Bountiful, UT, we were all exhausted from the long trip. However, it was so nice to see David's Aunt Shuga, cousin Bee and her children Jacob, Rachel and Rebecca. We had such a good time with them and did lots of wonderful things such as the Hogle Zoo, the Salt Lake Planetarium, the movies, Red Lobster, board games and of course, the wonderful food. (I think I gained 5 lbs that week, and I haven't stopped trying to perfect – and eat! – the cheesecake recipe Bee shared with me!) Layla enjoyed having "girl" time and Isaac absolutely adored Jacob. On Sunday, David took us for a drive through the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, which was beautiful! I took dozens of pictures, and we even stopped a little spring where Layla collected a few rocks and got to put her hand in the cold, running water. (David, of course, had to try too!)

Luckily, the flight home was much less eventful than the flight there. Well, I say that, but we were stopped at security and had to answer questions! They were running Layla's backpack through the scanner and saw "something". I immediately remembered that I had left Isaac's empty sippy cups in her bag, enclosed in a small cooler. So, I say to the security guard, "Sir, I'm sure that is my son's sippy cups, I emptied them out though, but they are in a small cooler-type bag." He looks at me, clears his voice and says LOUDLY, "Ma'am, I'm SURE that is NOT what I saw!" So, I guess the new tactic for terrorism is public embarrassment and humiliation! Needless to say, it was the small ice pack in the sippy cup bag that alarmed the guard, which he doesn't find until he gears up with gloves and safety equipment to search the bag. He removes it and declares that it will need further testing before he can allow it through, which is when David and I both exclaim, "Throw it away!" Finally, we talked him into throwing the $0.99 ice pack away so that he didn't have to do swabs and test the contents…. I mean, seriously, I had gone to the trouble of dumping out all the milk and juice so that we didn't have to wait to have them tested, so much for planning ahead. (Don't travel with ice packs!)

After our big vacation, David had the honor of being the "Desperate House Husband" (as he termed himself) since he is a teacher and has the summers off! Layla will tell you, it's the profession to go into because you get the whole summer off! It worked out because Jessica, Isaac's babysitter and aunt (she's married to my baby brother), was pregnant and about to pop. So, the kids have had a great time spending the days with Daddy, even if he's lost a little hair. This year, he might be excited to go back and teach the hoodlums at the high school, just to get away from our hoodlums and the house! By the way, Baby Kadyn was born on July 7, weighing in at a whopping 8 lbs 15 oz.

We spent the 4th of July in Williston, which seems to be our regular spot for that holiday. There's just something about those Williston fireworks that feels like home, and it isn't 4th of July without being there. The kids enjoyed the time with family and the festivities. And, to top it all off, I had secretly planned a surprise luau birthday party for Layla since her birthday weekend was "scheduled" to be spoiled by the arrival of her new cousin. Baby Kadyn had other plans, but how was I to know?!?! Layla was a little surprised, especially since her birthday was 9 days away…. But she settled in well with being the "birthday girl", and didn't stop until after her real birthday!

Isaac has taken off in the language department, and can repeat most anything now. He has super manners with saying "Yes, Ma'am", which makes me so proud, and sometimes I even get a "No, Ma'am". He is still into baseball, and makes his Daddy "catch" a few hours most every night. (Not that Daddy mind!) Last night, he really impressed me when he said "Mama, Isaac a kitty. Meeeoooowww!" Layla is still into science and history, and amazes me with the things she knows and comes up with. I'm afraid she is approaching teenage years faster than I desire! If only I could get her to clean her room…

Other than that, I've just been swamped with homework! I'm almost done with my AS, and will graduate at the end of this summer semester. Quite excited to be one step closer to my Bachelor's since I feel the need to be an example for my children.

Since it has been so long since I've posted on here, I've decided to make a new goal. I'm going to try for one post a week…. It might work, until classes start again or David starts coaching or Layla starts soccer or you know, life!

Sibling love!

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I can play too!

Isaac practicing his bowling skills!

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Happy 7th Birthday!


(Layla's thoughts... as interpreted by her mother!)
Why are you all yelling surprise? For my birthday? Well, it's not quite my birthday yet, but I don't mind being the birthday girl!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

He can talk... he can talk... he can TALK!

... and snort and sniff and count and kiss and poke his eye and look for his sister... and, oh yeah, pass gas! (He is pure boy!)

Bob your head....

Layla has been "practicing" guitar hero so that she can beat her Daddy!

But, to get the "rhythm", she has to stand up and bob her head! Well, I don't know if you would call it "bobbing", more like "jerking", and sometimes her leg moves too!

What can I say? She got it from her momma! (The being uncoordinated that is, not the dance moves!)


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Iggles and Bubbles

If you were to ride in the car with Isaac and I, to or from work, which is a 30 minute drive, you would be blessed with listening to "The Wiggles"! Let me say, I like the group, Layla listened to them as this is her CD; but, I'm tired of wiggling! (Woooo!) The only thing that keeps me going is that now, Isaac has learned some of the songs and is actually singing. It is quite funny because he anticipates certain phrases, and when they are almost there, he belts them out! At one point the song goes "Wiggle! Wooooo! Wiggle! Woooo! Wiggle along with me." Well, Isaac is "wooooo-ing" as they are "wiggling"! And another song is about different dance moves, and after one dance they sing "Uh oh! Uh oh! Uh oh!" I would say that is his favorite part of all....

As you can tell, I've listened to the CD a lot. Today, I sent it with Jessica when I dropped Isaac off. Maybe Mason and Isaac will LOVE it together, and I will never have to hear it for the 17 miles between Reidsville and Vidalia. Maybe not. Then, I would miss my little man singing. (I did give Jessica a warning that went like this, "Do NOT listen to the one about the lion and the unicorn. Do NOT because I'm sure people have committed suicide to that song!" I'm not joking either!)

Since Isaac will only sing and wiggle in the car, I cannot get a video or a good picture of him! I wish I could, because then I would save it to show his wife and children one day!

But, since I could take a picture of him playing in the bathtub with bubbles... here it is!

Monday, February 2, 2009


David and I just took a trip to Monterey, California for an educational conference with the high school. In reality, it was a mini-vacation without our children, which most of you know was very painful for me!

We had a great time overall! Our travel there and back was eventful and tiring due to layovers and stops. And, it didn't help my nerves that the second day we were there, Canadian Geese brought down a plane in the Hudson River. We went to San Francisco for two days, did the 17-mile drive (which was breathtakingly beautiful), ate a lot of good food, checked out a British Pub and oh yeah, David attended a LITTLE bit of the conference!

The weather was perfect! It was in the 70's during the day and 40's at night.... while our children were freezing in Florida. We enjoyed the time, but missed them so much. Isaac punished me for a week for leaving him, but Layla wasn't ready to come home!

Check out some of our pictures below!