Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Iggles and Bubbles

If you were to ride in the car with Isaac and I, to or from work, which is a 30 minute drive, you would be blessed with listening to "The Wiggles"! Let me say, I like the group, Layla listened to them as this is her CD; but, I'm tired of wiggling! (Woooo!) The only thing that keeps me going is that now, Isaac has learned some of the songs and is actually singing. It is quite funny because he anticipates certain phrases, and when they are almost there, he belts them out! At one point the song goes "Wiggle! Wooooo! Wiggle! Woooo! Wiggle along with me." Well, Isaac is "wooooo-ing" as they are "wiggling"! And another song is about different dance moves, and after one dance they sing "Uh oh! Uh oh! Uh oh!" I would say that is his favorite part of all....

As you can tell, I've listened to the CD a lot. Today, I sent it with Jessica when I dropped Isaac off. Maybe Mason and Isaac will LOVE it together, and I will never have to hear it for the 17 miles between Reidsville and Vidalia. Maybe not. Then, I would miss my little man singing. (I did give Jessica a warning that went like this, "Do NOT listen to the one about the lion and the unicorn. Do NOT because I'm sure people have committed suicide to that song!" I'm not joking either!)

Since Isaac will only sing and wiggle in the car, I cannot get a video or a good picture of him! I wish I could, because then I would save it to show his wife and children one day!

But, since I could take a picture of him playing in the bathtub with bubbles... here it is!

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