Monday, August 3, 2009

2nd grade... here we come!

Today was the first day of 2nd grade for Miss Layla. It's amazing how much she has grown. She got up extra early in order to wash and blow dry her hair so that it would be curly for her big day. She wore her cute little denim skirt (with shorts underneath!) and adorable top. She was cute, and we were even a little early, at least enough to snap a few pictures! (That was until I realized that Isaac had snagged my keys and they were no where to be found!)

I dropped her off in the circle drive, and she didn't even think twice. She hopped out of the car with her gigantic backpack, full of school supplies, and her purse lunchbox. Yes, she had to have the newest lunchbox that resembles a purse with pink and brown polka dots.

And, school supplies? Her list was endless, and each time we went to a store, she tried to pry another item out of one of us. It wasn't like we hadn't already checked the list and crossed it off! I checked her backpack last night because it looked awful heavy. Let me tell you, she had 4 extra boxes of crayons, an extra box of markers, 2 extra packs of colored pencils, an extra pair of scissors, an extra pack of highlighters, an extra pack of paper, an extra folder, 3 extra packs of pencils, 6 extra glue sticks, 6 extra erasers, and countless other items! I could not believe it! We could have supplied an additional 3 kids with school supplies!!!!

Then, David called me at work this afternoon. He was in a little panic because Layla had not made it to the high school, and it was 4:30pm. Well, Layla typically rides the bus to the high school and goes to David's classroom, normally arriving around 4:00pm. So, I told him to just call the bus barn and check it out. Turns out, a little Pre-K girl did not get off at her stop, and did not know where she lived, and they had a new bus driver to top it off! Needless to say, there were lots of tears involved. But, Layla finally arrived at 4:45pm!!!!

So, second grade started out great! And yes, she had homework on the first day!!!! Could be because she started Galaxy though (gifted program) and missed half of class today. Hmmm... we have to get back in the swing of this homework thing!!!!

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Anonymous said...

That grown up girl is not my granddaughter...what happened to our baby??? But, by the way...She is beautiful...LOVE THE PHOTO!