Friday, August 1, 2008

Layla Grace goes to First Grade

That just sounds so grown! So, yesterday was meet the teacher day. David met us there (actually beat us there), and we met the teacher and visited her kindergarten teacher. She seemed okay, quite shy though. She found her name on the table, her pencil cup, her cubby, her classroom..... she met the new coach (which seemed so important!), she met her para-pro, and her teacher... When we left she seemed great! Then over dinner, she demanded that I read her the entire contents of the folder that her teacher had given us. Granted, I started reading the notes about what to expect, behavior policies, transportation notes... and then we got to the actual "School Policy". I told her that it was just stuff for all the schools, and she didn't need to know all that. She looked at me like I had just lost it and said, "Mother, I'm in first grade, I need to know EVERYTHING!" I finally convinced her, after reading a boring paragraph about absences that indeed she already knew everything, and what she didn't know Mommy would take care of! (Luckily, I did not relish the idea of reading a 50 page manual to a 6-year old... or even reading a 50 page manual myself..... needless to say, I skimmed! But, don't tell Layla!)

This morning she awoke early to kiss David goodbye. He had more stuff to do to get ready for his 6 periods of hoodlums that "know" everything, have better things to do with their time than listen to a social studies teacher, and enjoy making trouble for the teacher! So, Isaac and I woke her up again.... singing and laughing and trying to make her happy! (Mornings are not her favorite time!) After the third time of Isaac leaning up super close to her face, a huge grin on his face because Sissy is home, and laughing loudly... she finally decided to get up and get dressed. Last night, we couldn't decide what to wear, so she left her clothes out for Daddy to choose! She got dressed, pretty uneventful.... but then it was time for breakfast. I went into the kitchen, getting a new box of cereal that I thought she would LOVE, and she says "Mother, I think I lost my appetite!" And then she proceeded to throw herself onto me in a giant hug... my baby girl was nervous!!! We talked about everything again... going over where the class was, that she was to buy her lunch, there was a note in her backpack about riding home on the bus to Daddy's class, and where her desk was.... She finally squeeked out "I think I just need to call my Daddy!" So, we called Daddy and he gave her a pep talk!

Then it was time for drop-off. After passing kindergarten, the school encourages you to let the children walk in on their own and be "big" kids. Well, Layla wanted me to walk her... but I talked her out of it... We went through the circle, she leaned over and kissed Isaac's hand... and hopped out of the car!

Okay, so I cried! I cried all the way to work (a 30-minute drive mind you)! My baby is grown... she is a big girl now... she is a first grader!

I will update on all the news of the first day of school later... since this was just the morning!

Here is a picture of the school girl... ready to go... with brother hanging on her!

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