Monday, December 29, 2008


Two football stories....

First, Isaac's new word is "football". However, he refuses to say it when we want him to and makes us look like we are making it up! He can say it though... and it comes out like "put-ball", with his mouth in an "O"! Upon arriving home Sunday night, he proceeded to say it over and over.... isn't that how it always is with kids?!?!

Second, on Sunday afternoon on our trip home we decided to swing by the Gator Sports Shop at "The Swamp". Well, the road right in front of the stadium was closed, but when we were turning we saw a few of the football players standing in front of the stadium. David was in the car in front of us (too much stuff for one car on the trip home), so he missed it! But, before I could even spot them, Layla screamed like a girl... "TEEEEEEEEEEBOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!" She was trying to get out of her seat belt while declaring that she MUST have her picture with Tim Tebow. Not just Tebow, but TIM TEBOW! LOL I made her stay buckled up until we could stop beside David, which as soon as we did she jumped out of the car begging him to take her to get her picture with him. Unfortunately, her Daddy wouldn't take her to try to see him, or any other player for that matter! I'm not sure it was even Tebow, however I think it was, but you all know my eyes are not the best! Anyways.... the Sports Shop was closed, so she didn't even get a "I LOVE TIM" T-shirt!

I guess David is raising her right............ Gators and football!

Unfortunately, no pictures to go with this blog to Layla's dismay!

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