Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Day At The Fair!

We spent a wonderful day with Layla at the Georgia State Fair in Perry, GA. The weather was beautiful, the place crowded, and Layla had fun. David was asked to drive a group of kids from school on the bus to the fair, so we enjoyed a bus ride first! We left Isaac with my brother so that Layla could have Mommy and Daddy to herself.

Due to the OUTRAGEOUS prices on ride tickets, which we are scared of anyways because everyone has seen the people that put them together.... Anyways, she had 3 sheets, which didn't last long... but we let her pick out rides, and if we deemed them safe enough, then she got to pick one of us to go with her! She really enjoyed this, and decided to really get Mommy and make her go on the rollercoaster. Well, I'm thinking that it is no big deal, I love rollercoasters, especially the big ones, so this will be nothing! Yeah, right.... Apparently I have either gotten older or have lost my desire to be in a small seat going up in the air and then spinning around while the rollercoaster takes a dive and then a turn! This particular one was a mix of a teacup and a rollercoaster which made it horrible!!!! I screamed... I held my breath... I yelled... I gripped the bar so tight that my knuckles were white... and of course, they snap a picture of you half way through... so after I peel myself out of the seat and grab Layla off the ride, we go down and wait in line to see our picture while I hold my stomach in fear of puking! And there it is... Layla and I on the rollercoaster... and I have my mouth wide open, so much so that you can see my tonsils... and there is Layla, smiling like a little princess with no amount of fear on her little face at all!
And then after we finally used up all the tickets, we walked over to sit down (finally!) and watch the Army Band. Well, the Army Band was late... we never did see them... but we did find a seat under a tent and took a break while we waited.... and Layla passed out! Her lollypop fell into her lap, her head bent backwards over the hard metal chair, but she was snoring! Luckily, the group leader called and said they were all ready to head to the bus about that time. But, I had to snap a picture first!
A lovely day at the fair!!!

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