Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grandmothers and Rockstars

My mother decided to get her upper earlobe pierced, yes, at "almost 50" as she would say, even though she is barely over 40! And, as shocked as I was, she did it as a "memorable moment" during this time of unsettlment and change in her life (divorce) and I understand her decision. I mean, come on, it could have been a lot worse! (I refuse to think about those options...) Anyways, the funny thing about it all is that a few days after she did it, I was painting Layla's toenails as she was sitting on the bathroom counter. I looked up at her, and realized that I had not told her of Mamaw's new earring. So, I went for it... "Layla, Mamaw got her ear pierced." And she looks at me like I am so behind on times and said, "Mom, Mamaw always wears earrings." Oh, I guess I forgot to specify, so I pointed to the top of my ear and said "No, right here... another earring!" You would have thought that I had just shaved my head or something! Her eyes were big as saucers and her mouth was wide open as she threw her hand across her mouth in shock! And then, after she could speak, she said, "MY MAMAW IS NOT A ROCKSTAR! ONLY ROCKSTARS HAVE THOSE EARRINGS! OH MY GOSH, I HAVE TO TELL MY FRIENDS THAT MY MAMAW GOT ONE OF THOSE EARRINGS AND SHE ISN'T A ROCKSTAR!!!!" I laughed and laughed and laughed.... thinking in my mind that I couldn't wait to tell my Mom that!

Of course, if anyone knows my Mom, knows that she laughed about it, and was not hurt or upset by Layla's witty comments! Thankfully... which makes me think about other things that Layla has said which strike me as funny, especially coming our of my daughter.... so, here are some memories...

When Layla was about 3 years old she was reading a book about Dinosaurs. It was quiet in the living room, I was reading and David was doing schoolwork. And Layla says, "Do dinosaurs have coochies?" Oh my gosh........ what do you say? First of all, she MUST have heard that word from preschool.... Second, why would she even think of that?........ Third, how do you even attempt to answer? I remember looking at David and hoping that he could come up with something that would appease her without getting into anything sticky, and putting an end to questions like that!

Then, last summer she was in the pool floating on a raft with Mamaw and looked up, which happened to be Mom's armpit... and exclaimed, "Mamaw, you have pit fur!" (Sorry Mom... and for everyone else, at Mom's request, she does shave under her arms regularly and must have missed one stray hair... or so the story goes!) Oh my... where does the child come up with this stuff? Yes, she is obsessed with arm pit hair and shaving it! She frequently checks, and requests that I check her armpits for hair and she is only 6! Oh my... She has even requested that her Daddy shave his armpits because she thinks that hair is so gross! (Just for the record, I hide the razors, and quite frequently assure her that she does not have hair growing under her arms!)

The day after I had Isaac, Layla came to visit me at the hospital. That afternoon Isaac started fussing and I told my sister to hand him to me so that I could feed him. Well, Layla hops up on the hospital bed. She was the new big sister and wanted to help with everything. Since it was only Layla, Mom, and Stacey in the room, I proceeded to start to prepare to breastfeed Isaac. Her little eyes popped out and she said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I looked at her, knowing that I had already talked to her about breastfeeding while I was pregnant to prepare her, and said "I'm going to feed your brother." She said, still with her eyes popping out, "LIKE THAT?" I said, "Yes, remember I told you about feeding Isaac and that Mommy has milk?" (At this point, I am trying not to laugh.) And she says, "MOM!!!!!! YOU ARE LIKE A COW!!!!!!!!" At this point, we were all laughing so hard.... so much for preparing her for nine months as to how her sibling would eat!

For now that is all that I can remember, although I know there are plenty more! The child just comes up with stuff.... she must get it from her Daddy!

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Anonymous said...

That is not funny, now everyone thinks i don't shave under my arms, you forgot to mention that it was only one stray hair....!!!! Please correct that Mamaw