Thursday, September 18, 2008

Picture Perfect!

It was picture day at Layla's school last week, and she was determined to wear her "new" shoes that day. I must explain about the shoes. We were in Beall's Outlet one day and she declared that she found something she had to have. Trying to be patient, I asked her what shoes, at which point she exclaimed how they were so adorable and she HAD to have them. If you know Layla, and her dramatic expressions, it was one for the record! At this point, I'm tired after a long day of work and my patience is wearing thin. She produces a shoe box from around the corner and my eyes bulge. In this box is a pair of ballet slipper type dress shoes, which doesn't sound too bad, except that they were hairy, zebra patterned shoes! My mouth opened to say "NO! What are you thinking?!?!", but I saw the look on her face. I looked closer at them, showing her my interest, as she says "Mom, don't you love them?" Thankfully, on my second glance, after determining that they were in fact her size, I saw the dot. If you shop at Beall's you know that dots mean clearance, and this dot was 95% off! I decided to make a deal, and this is what I said, "Layla, if you PROMISE to NEVER wear these SHOES outside of the HOUSE, you can get them. But, you MUST understand, you CANNOT wear them anywhere!"

After getting home and getting children ready for bed, Layla picked out her clothes for school that day - it was the day before school started when the "shoes" were purchased! David was not home, so I decided that he could go through some of what I did. (snicker) I carefully placed her clothes, two chosen outfits for Daddy to ultimately decide, on my bed with those shoes placed out to the side. Upon arriving home, I asked him to decide which outfit for Layla. His expression was priceless! (And then I explained the deal....)

These shoes have been worn around the house ever since. But, the night before picture day, she wants to wear them! (I secretly think she had this plan all along!) So, still working on my patience, I give in! Of course, my mind is also thinking, school pictures are only from the torso up, so I don't have a problem. We, again, picked out two outfits for David to choose, and he agreed with me to just let her wear the shoes. Well, she was thrilled the next morning when she put them on. She couldn't wait to show them off....

When I got home from work that day, I asked her how her pictures went. She said they were great and that she had a good day. And then, giving me a dramatic look, she exclaims, "My feet were killing me!" I haven't seen those shoes on her little feet since then....

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