Thursday, September 25, 2008

Read all about it...

News Flash!

First, Isaac is walking! Really walking, not just taking a few steps and then resorting to his knees. He prefers to walk at this point and after falling (which does still happen often since he looks like a little deer learning to walk) he will get up and try again! Such a big boy, my little one.

Second, Layla is doing well in school and has been having spelling words like evaporation and September. She is growing up too fast. She loves to learn, which makes life easier for us! Last night she read "May I have a cookie please?" all by herself!

Third, I am starting an online only degree program in January and am totally excited about it! I haven't really told anyone yet, well a few, but wanted to wait until I had it figured out. Well, it's figured and I am set on go... to the computer... which will save on gas and will allow me to continue my life at home and work without much adjustment. (If you are wondering, it is through the University System of Georgia, so it is accredited and legit.)

That is the good news in the Tucker household this week... we'll see what next week has in store!

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