Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Layla Grace

Our daughter turned six... When she went to kindergarten I was very excited, such a big step. Now that she has passed the five mark, and is going into first grade, I feel like she has grown up. She isn't my little girl anymore, now she's a big girl. We celebrated her birthday on Saturday, even though her birthday was on Sunday, and her words were "This is my bestest birthday ever!" The words that make you so proud, you accomplished it... you made her day!

Then today, I took her to lunch, just the two of us. On the way to the restaurant she informed me that I was not to order for her, that she could do it on her own! She had everything planned out... she wanted a cheeseburger, ketchup only, fries and a water to drink. And then, she wasn't just talk, she actually ordered!!!! I felt like crying as the waiter stood there looking at me, expecting me to order my food.

My baby has grown up! She is unbelievably six!

(wiping the tears away)

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