Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I can't believe that Layla starts First Grade this year! It is amazing... my little girl.... growing up! It didn't hit me, we've been through Pre-K and Kindergarten, but this is a "Grade"! It hit me... today, sitting in my chair at work... my little girl is a big girl now. And, I started thinking back to her previous years in "school"...

In Pre-K, she adored her teacher, loved her school, and her daddy was right down the hall! She had no fears, she ruled the high school. We still frequently go places and people (not just kids) are waving at her and know her name! She knows all the teachers, they all know her... Her first "parent-teacher conference", which is required for all students, I attended because David was busy. Well, her teacher informed me that she was doing great in everything, and they were studying the family unit in social studies. I said "okay", and her teacher - petite, soft spoken woman - says "She really wants a baby brother!" Then later I found out that on the field trip to the zoo (unfortunately I was at the hospital with my grandfather) she informed her chaperone and teacher that her and her mommy really wanted a brother, but daddy said no. However, she thought that her and her mommy were winning!!! (I guess we did!)

In kindergarten, I nervously walked her to her class on the first day of school! She didn't cry, I did! Then, on the second day of school, parents may not walk in. So, I dropped her off in the circle drive, crying... I dropped her off 15 minutes early so that she had time to find her class and arrive safely if she happened to get lost. That afternoon, I asked her how school went. She said that it was great, but she was late! I, shocked, exclaimed that there was no way she was truly late. So, I asked her... where did you go when I dropped you off? Her reply, to get breakfast! (Which I had told her earlier to go straight to her classroom!) I replied that she had already eaten breakfast at home. Her reply "But MOM, they had donuts and they were GREAT!" Every morning after that I had to remind her that she was to go straight to the classroom and being late because of donuts was not a very good reason.

Who knows what first grade has in store for us... I'll keep you posted!

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