Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Feet

Since my last post was about Layla, to be fair...

Isaac is ten months old now. He is crawling everywhere, and not just the army crawl anymore. He can pull up on everything and go from the table to couch (still holding on though). I'm sure we are not far away from walking at this point! He finally got a tooth too! And another one is peeking through the skin. His little feet have finally started growing to catch up with his body... he wore a size 1 shoe until 9 months old, and now has graduated to a size 2, and sometimes size 3! David has big plans for the little man, so I'm hoping he grows strong and big one day! Yesterday, he kept showing him how to do the "Heisman"! LOL Isaac just looked at him like he was crazy! Those little feet must grow, he has big shoes to fill! I'm so thankfully that he's still a Momma's boy for now, and loves to snuggle and hug! And, although he loves his Momma, he won't say it! He can, and has, but refuses to utter those simple syllables that make my heart swell. He prefers to torment me with saying "Da-da" and "Lay-la" all the time!

Hoping everyone is well,

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