Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So, I'm trying to capture the small things...
and Layla is in Williston, so I can't try on her (yet!).
Here's what I've done so far!

A belly button...

Two little "Chiclet" teeth... on a sad/mad face!

Okay, let me explain...... I know the above face looks like I'm a horrible mother for taking a picture instead of comforting my child! In reality, when you say "NO" to Isaac, this is the face that he makes. He sticks out his bottom lip, showing his teeth, and squeezes his eyes closed! He doesn't cry, he doesn't whine... just a quick facial expression like this... and then the moment is over! I wanted to capture that forever... not just the smiles and giggles, but the funny things he did too! And this just happened to be one that I loved! I finally captured it at the exact moment he did it... because once he saw the flash, he would grin! (Yes, I like to take a lot of pictures of him, and he knows what a flash is, and that means to smile!!!)


PS) I wish Layla would hurry home... I'm missing her so much!

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